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CHA Video | CHA Consulting, Inc.

Since 2014 I have been venturing into video production and editing. Our team has grown, as well as our equipment and skill level. This has been one of the most favorite aspects of my job!

The Critical Need for Future Engineers: Why the Future City Competition is so Important (2018)

Our CHA video team produced this video about CHA’s involvement in the local Future City Competition, where local middle school kids build cities of the future and address challenges faced by city planners, and why it is critical for the engineering industry as a whole. I helped to plan and produce the storyboard, film the interviews and also complete final editing.


2017 CHA Holiday Greeting

This was a simple but well-received greeting produced for the 2017 holiday season.  I produced the concept, filmed many of the staff responses, and edited the video.



Meet Our Engineers | Engineers Week 2017

Meet Our Engineers | Jennifer Everleth & Bryan Jones

Meet Our Engineers | Kaitlin Van Dyke

Meet Our Engineers | Benjamin Ankrom, EI

Meet Our Engineers | Josshe Palm & Ryan Signorin

Meet Our Engineers | Darrik Yetzer, EI

Meet Our Engineers | Sarah Bowman & Christina Minkler

I helped to produce a series of videos for the national celebration of Engineers Week to share on social media titled “Meet Our Engineers.” I helped to film some of the interviews, created the intro, and was involved in the editing process.


Engineers Week 2017 Teasers

Teaser: Pipelines

Teaser: Sports

Teaser: Wastewater

Teaser: Aviation

Teaser: Bridges

Teaser: CHA Tech Services

Teaser: Industry & Energy

I created a series of short “teasers” related to CHA’s many disciplines, designed to be shared the week leading up to Engineers Week in order to create excitement and anticipation.


2016 Holiday Greeting (2).00_00_01_16.Still001

Holiday Greetings | 2016 & 2015

2016 Holiday Greeting

I developed the concept for this greeting, wrote initial copy, and edited the final video. This holiday greeting not only wished our clients and colleagues a happy holidays but also demonstrated CHA’s efforts to responsibly improve the world we live in in everyday scenarios.

Happy Holidays from CHA (2015)

In this holiday greeting, I depicted the creation of a greeting card and also mailing it with our well wishes to our clients.




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